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Tami Franck New York, USA

Owner is very knowledgeable and open/honest. Makes sure the breed you want is what you’re expecting. Keeps you informed and explains aftercare. Our baby has only been home 3 days and already eating from our hand, letting us hold and pick him up, etc

03/21/2022 1:18:36 PM

Karen Maimo, Sweden

Exoticbirdsforsale is a fantastic breeder, very knowledgeable about birds, good at explaining. Things. Very nice person. He is a very honest persons. If I ever wanted another bird I would go back to him in a heartbeat.. I highly recommend him..

03/21/2022 2:58:06 PM

Sandy Marafino Cardiff, Wales

I highly recommend Perroqueteduque . Dennis is professional, honest and very knowledgeable about birds. He employs Donna who lovingly and expertly weans babies before they come to you. A positive experience from start to finish. Love my new parrot!

03/20/2022 1:03:38 PM

Angelique r Akers Scotland , Uk

Just received my harlequin indian ringneck last evening. She is beautiful and sweet. Perroqueteduque is there for you from birth of your bird. He is very nice to deal with. Very knowledgeable. I won’t deal anywhere else!

03/18/2022 4:22:11 PM

Daphne Hinds Los Angeles, Ca

Perroqueteduque is wonderful! Their birds are gorgeous and well cared for and she is available from initial contact, purchase, and afterwards! You don’t find many breeders of her Calibur and I highly recommend her and her birds. 


3:50:47 AM

Ryan Corrigan Birmingham, UK

I purchased a baby Indian Ringneck from ExoticBirdShop a couple weeks ago he’s such a sweet, healthy boy. She provides a packet with loads of important information about your new bird and can answer pretty much any question you have about her babies.


11:16:23 PM

Dennis Glasgow, Scotland

ALLet me walk you through this great experience. I arrived & saw her birds & then put a deposit on an Eclectus parrot that was adorable. About 8 weeks later, I got the most gentle, kind bird ever! We also got a quaker parrot who is very loving.

03/1/2022 12:17:52 AM

victoria pallozzi Norfolk, USA

i have nothing but positive things to say about deanie and the business she is conducting! she bred the sweetest quaker, she came totally healthy, and while i was waiting for her to be flown up to me, deanie kept full communication with me. A++ !!!

03/4/2022 11:41:51 PM

Hagen,  Germany

After having a different breeder fail to show up to an intended meeting, we found and called Mega Bird about their online posting of a white/blue male parrotlet. They were more than willing to stay in the store later to accommodate us. Great place

03/o3/2022 9:28:32 PM

Amer Houston, Texas, USA.

a nice store with the largest collection of birds I ever seen, clean store, highly educated staff, and friendly environment.

02/28/2022 4:04:12 PM

Gus Abbouda Victoria, Canada

bought my palm cockatoo from them the best bird I ever had , all what they said plus was truthful , the cleanest most caring people highly recommended

02/26/2022 4:20:20 PM

Barbara Eichmann London UK, England

Bought my African Cape Parrot, Lulu, from Parrot Stars and she came to me at 4 months of age tame, clean, in great health and eating well right away. Alexis helped me get her and I am delighted!! Lulu has a super personality!

02/12/2020 3:44:44 PM

Mrs. Lange  Dublin, Ireland

I visit their shop regularly (pre-covid anyway). They are wonderful people who take excellent care of their birds. Sweet, healthy, well-raised birds.


Barbara Hutchins says: 

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ExoticBirdShop is the only place I would ever buy a bird from and I say this after having made the mistake of buying one from another seller.  It started out all good with this cute little amazon for a decent price from a person who was less than honest.  Long story short, I got the bird home and she turned into a terror of the first order who would literally fly from her cage to attack me and even drew blood.    I have small children in the house and knew I couldn’t keep that type of threat around them.  I knew ExoticBirdShop from helping a friend buy another parrot and was impressed with ExoticBirdShop knowledge and sincerity and actually felt comfortable enough with her to call and ask them about this situation even though I didn’t buy the bird from them.  Not only was they willing to give advice, they took this bird in to their breeding home for an assessment, concurred it was not the right fit for me and found a better situation for the bird and offered me full credit toward the bird of my dreams that they had bred themselves.  They basically assumed all the risk of a bird that was not their responsibility in any way and still gave me a great price and the perfect bird for me.  Cooper and I are the best match and I know I can call or text ExoticBirdShop at any time and with any questions and They will be there for me.  My friend has bought 2 birds from them and has had the same experience.  With ExoticBirdShop it is never about the money and always about creating lasting relationships between the birds and the people to the point that they ends up being your friend versus someone you just purchased a bird from.

Paulette Inman says: 

My family has been into birds for the past thirty years, and I admit that it was all my fault. Perhaps it was destiny that my parents named me Pauli, but either way, I have been nose deep into loving and caring for these feathered members of our family ever since. Of the many years I’ve worked with birds, five of them were dedicated to working directly with breeders in Phoenix—I worked with everything from the gouldian finch to a hyacinth macaw. When I got married and had a couple boys, we started to discuss what type of bird would be the best fit for my bunch. I knew I wanted to find a breeder who was not only knowledgeable, honest, and had a huge love for her birds, but I wanted to be sure the birds’ environment was clean so our baby would be healthy—so much of the bird’s future health depends on the start they get from their breeder! My research soon connected me with ExoticBirdShop . She let us visit and get to know her and her birds. I have been completely impressed with her business. She helped my family connect with the type of bird that would be the best fit for our needs and situation, and she has humored my millions of questions. A couple months later, we took home Gemini, a male Solomon Island Eclectus, and I can’t say enough about this little angel! Our avian vet did full blood work on Gemini (something all bird owners should plan to do) and gave him two thumbs up for his health. Since then, ExoticBirdShop has kept in touch with us to make sure that everyone is adjusting well—which we are. I want to thank ExoticBirdShop for her help and for the great love that she has for all of our birds. It’s obvious in everything she does.

Bryce Galloway says: 

ExoticBirdShop is a very caring breeder who cares about all of her birds and wants the best for them, and wont just try to sell you a bird to make a quick dime.
The day I wrote ExoticBirdShop on Facebook asking what kind of birds they had. They responded right back to me in a matter of minutes.
They were very helpful from the beginning letting me know that if I had any question that I could ask them and that they were willing to help me with whatever question I had.
They made it so easy for me to come and visit with my new baby bird and while I was there they made sure someone was there to answer my questions about the bird I just bought.
They had started doing baby parties where people could go and visit with their birds they just bought, or just to go and play with the baby birds they had, it was always so much fun to go over to their house to play with all the happy little birds, and to see how much those birds really love her.
They had kept me informed on the status of my bird so that I knew what was going on.
The day I went and got my new parrot, ExoticBirdShop  gave me all the information on the things I needed to know when I brought my parrot home. They also wrote me that night to ask how my new parrot was doing!
You wont be disappointed if you choose ExoticBirdShop to buy a parrot from Because your not only getting a parrot your getting a very caring, knowledgeable breeders who will always be there for you and your parrot!

Brandon and Bridget Fielding say: 

Chanel the parrot is missing AGAIN as distraught owner cries for help to find her

Dinosaurs. Well, actually, it was geology two hundred and something, but the class was unofficially dubbed dinosaurs in the course catalog. I took this class during the senior year of my university educational experience, and learned that modern day birds are the closest living relatives to the good ol’ dinos of old. Naturally, being 1) a boy and 2) a lifetime tyrannosaur enthusiast, I wanted one. So in searching for a breeder, I stumbled across ExoticBirdShop and their wonderful aviary online. At first I was a bit skeptical after reading some horror stories about breeders on the innerwebs, and worrying that ExoticBirdShop wouldn’t be as thorough or careful with her feathered friends as my Google searches recommended was necessary. All that was gone, however, when we first met ExoticBirdShop in person and saw the amazing condition and temperament of her birds. The little guys were adventurous, inquisitive, and far ahead of their time developmentally as compared to any other pet store (and breeder, for that matter) birds that my wife and I had seen. We chose our Cockatiel from her then current batch, and had a great 9 months with him before a dog killed him such a short time later. ExoticBirdShop was there for us as we mourned, and so very helpful and thoughtful as we eventually were ready to choose another little dinosaur. We settled on our Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Fawkes, and ExoticBirdShop has been so kind as to let us visit him every weekend (we’re so annoying, right?) for the last two months as he grows and weans. ExoticBirdShop cares so much about her birds and their well being, as well as the customers that she so professionally supplies with such wonderful companions. My wife and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to breed, raise, train, and love our little bird except for ExoticBirdShop and her family. If you are looking for a reputable breeder, look no further. Two thumbs way, way up. -Brandon and Bridget

Samantha Carbury says: 

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I have been a parrot since I was 7 years old and recently decided to stop buying pet store birds.  I wanted to make sure that I was buying birds from a caring and responsible breeder however, and not a bird mill.  After a TON of research I found ExoticBirdShop – and I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER MORE!  I got an AMAZING little quaker (she went out of her way to meet me half-way between her house that is 3.5 hours from mine to get the birdy to me too!) from her rescue that has just tickled me pink from day one.  She knew how much I wanted an Indian Ringneck (we both share a total passion for them!) and she went above and beyond to make sure I got the exact baby I wanted!  She kept everyone updated to their growth- let me know of all of his milestones… WOW!  To say that Traci “breeds” birds is really an insult, she lovingly raises them and makes sure that they go to loving homes.  If you want a truly socialized, sweet, HEALTHY bird from a WONDERFUL family- LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

Samantha Carbury

Matt and Lauren Pearson say

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” My husband and I found ExoticBirdShop while looking for the perfect bird
to fit our lifestyle. And not only did she sell us the perfect bird, but
she has been nothing but amazing! ExoticBirdShop was so helpful- especially for
first time bird owners like us. We know we can always trust ExoticBirdShop to be
honest with us about what would be best for us and the birds. She is our
number one resource and we use her on a constant basis to help us with
any questions or concerns we have. (And she is always quick to respond
and happy to help).

It’s unbelievable how much knowledge she has on just about every
type of bird! She has saved us (and birds!) from heartbreaks and
frustrations by educating us as much as possible before we choose to add
a specific bird to our family.

Traci cares just as much about the people she sells to as she does
about the awesome baby birds and rescues she sells. We wouldn’t
recommend anyone buying baby birds or rescues from anyone else. ”

-Matt and Lauren Pearson

Kim Tran Says 

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I got your boy, a 6 months old Congo Grey this past Monday. He is so sweet, tamed & talking. I feel that your boy is the very best bird that I have ever owned!
I had gone through 8 different breeders in the past 10 months. I find that many other breeders were into quick sales & once I paid them in full payments & given them generous tips, they turned their back & stopped giving me customer service.
I found ExoticBirdShop through referral in a forum, when members were aware that I was desperately looking for a most trusted & reliable breeder.

Sarah S. Says 

Keep Your Parrot Happy | Scarletts Parrot Essentials

I just wanted to say what an awesome friend and bird breeder ExoticBirdShop is. when I was fostering and interested in adopting a macaw. I had wanted a macaw for many years and felt the time was right. They helped me with questions and concerns I had about getting a large bird, and was really positive and friendly. I had since wanted another macaw for some time, and was finally able to get a baby blue & gold from ExoticBirdShop . As soon as she sent me the picture, my heart melted! I went and met my clumsy baby macaw, and and soon after took her home. ExoticBirdShop ’s babies were all very healthy and happy, and the nursery very clean and well kept. They always welcomes you over to visit your baby while it is being hand fed and answer any questions you have. Their family is very kind and laid back and just fun to be around. They really makes sure the bird you want is the right species to fit your lifestyle and that you will really be able to give it a lifelong commitment. They will talk people out of cockatoos and instead direct them towards a conure if she feels the bird might not be the right one, she is not just trying to make money off of people. They really cares about the birds and their futures and genuinely connects with her customers. My baby blue & gold is now just a few weeks shy of a year old, and is a wonderful healthy happy young bird. They puts so much love and attention into raising them that they go home happy and adjust well to their new homes. If I ever point anyone in the direction of buying a bird, it will be to their home!

Sarah & Flock

Erica Fultz says: 

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I found ExoticBirdShop through the classifieds after deciding it was time to add a bird to our family again. We adopted an 8 yr old goffins cockatoo (my dream bird), he had some nipping problems and ExoticBirdShop was always there to help us, while at her house with our new bird getting advice and training tips, I fell in love with a baby hahns macaw, and bought him/her too. I am so impressed with her knowledge and love for her birds.  Also impressed with the cleanliness of her home and health of all her birds. They truly has a love and passion for all of them. And the best part is all of the birds come with a very nice cage, toys, and food. I would never buy a bird from anyone else!
Thanks Traci, we are so happy!

Jessica Porter says: 

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I was scanning the classifieds because we had decided to add a new member to our family, when I found Traci’s ad.  I can’t believe how great our experience with her was!  They are so informative and kind, which shows in Their birds.  The baby Blue and Gold we adopted is the sweetest little girl.  She loves to cuddle and is great with our 4 year old son.  You can tell she was well socialized from a very young age.  On top of getting the perfect baby girl, we also received a HUGE cage.  ExoticBirdShop also supplied us with food, formula, hand feeding supplies, toys, and many other items for our new baby.  Our experience with ExoticBirdShop was amazing, and we will never go to another breeder!  Thank you so much Traci!!
Jessica Porter

Shawn D. says: 

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I bought my African Grey, Raymond, from ExoticBirdShop and he’s been a joy.  Even though he lives in a home with just one person, Raymond is well socialized and enjoys meeting new people and has absolutely no socialization problems.  I definitely recommend ExoticBirdShop as a breeder and I plan to buy parrots from Them in the future as their ability to raise healthy and happy talking parrots is second to none.

Sally and Chad Roth say: 

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We bought our Green Cheek Conure, Fred, from ExoticBirdShop and  if you are looking to add a feathery member to your family this is the family you should buy from.  Their birds are raised with kids and other animals. They are loved from the day they hatch and the love never ends. They are the nicest birds you will find. The best quality is that the price you are told includes cage, toys, food, everything you need to get started with your new family member. The cage you get is a very high quality cage and is the size you need for the bird. You wont need to upgrade it as the bird grows. The prices are better than you will pay at a pet store. ExoticBirdShop is also always just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns they are there to answer them and help you in any way she can.